Dagger/Blackwater Touring Kayak

Dagger/Blackwater Touring KayakAre you searching for the perfect touring kayak for fishing and leisurely paddling in slow rivers and ponds? Look no further than the Dagger Blackwater 12.0. This versatile kayak offers the stability and maneuverability you need to navigate calm waters with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced adventurer, the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is designed to meet your needs.

Features and Build Quality

The Dagger Blackwater 12.0 boasts excellent build quality with a sturdy polyethylene hull. This durable material ensures that the kayak can withstand various water conditions, making it suitable for both calm rivers and more challenging environments.

One standout feature of the Blackwater 12.0 is its large rear hatch, which provides ample storage space for gear and supplies. The hatch is equipped with a sealed bulkhead, offering secure and dry storage for your belongings. This is especially useful for longer trips or when you need to carry extra equipment.

Another notable feature is the adjustable foot pegs. These pegs allow you to customize the position of your feet, providing a comfortable fit and reducing fatigue during long paddling sessions. The foot pegs also contribute to the kayak’s overall stability and maneuverability.

To enhance tracking and stability, the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is equipped with a drop-down skeg. This feature allows you to adjust the kayak’s tracking ability based on the water conditions. Whether you’re paddling in calm waters or facing stronger currents, the drop-down skeg provides improved control and performance.

Key Features and Build Quality:

Build Quality Rear Hatch Foot Pegs Drop-Down Skeg
Sturdy polyethylene hull Large storage space Adjustable for a comfortable fit Enhances tracking and stability
Durable in various water conditions Sealed bulkhead for secure storage Reduces fatigue during long paddling sessions Provides improved control and performance

Comfort and Performance

The Dagger Blackwater 12.0 touring kayak offers exceptional comfort and performance features that make it a top choice for paddlers of all skill levels. With its adjustable seat and high deck, this kayak provides a comfortable paddling experience, allowing you to spend more time on the water without discomfort.

When it comes to performance, the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 delivers impressive tracking and maneuverability. The adjustable seat allows you to find the perfect seating position for optimal control, while the high deck provides ample legroom and stability. Whether you’re navigating calm lakes or tackling slow rivers, this kayak offers a smooth and enjoyable ride.

While the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 may not be the fastest kayak in its class, its focus on balance and maneuverability makes it ideal for leisurely paddling. It’s designed to provide a combination of speed and maneuverability, allowing you to explore different water conditions with ease. Whether you’re cruising along a tranquil pond or navigating narrow waterways, this kayak will handle beautifully.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable seat for personalized comfort
  • High deck for ample legroom and stability
  • Impressive tracking and maneuverability
  • Perfect balance of speed and maneuverability
Feature Description
Adjustable Seat The kayak comes with an adjustable seat that allows you to find the perfect seating position for enhanced comfort during long paddling sessions.
High Deck The high deck provides ample legroom and stability, ensuring a comfortable and secure paddling experience.
Tracking and Maneuverability The Dagger Blackwater 12.0 excels in both tracking and maneuverability, making it effortless to navigate different water conditions.
Speed While not the fastest kayak, the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 offers a good balance of speed and maneuverability for leisurely paddling adventures.

Comparison to Other Kayak Models

When considering the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 touring kayak, it’s important to compare it to other popular kayak models in the market. Here, we’ll take a look at the Axis 10.5, SuperNova, Stratos 12.5, and Phantom to provide a comprehensive overview of the options available.

Axis 10.5

The Axis 10.5 is a versatile and stable kayak designed for recreational paddling and fishing. It offers a balanced combination of maneuverability and tracking, making it an excellent choice for beginners. With its adjustable foot braces and comfortable seating, the Axis 10.5 provides a comfortable paddling experience.


The SuperNova is a high-performance kayak built for whitewater adventures. Its narrow design and rocker profile allow for quick and responsive maneuvering in fast-flowing rivers. Equipped with a drop-down skeg, the SuperNova offers enhanced tracking, making it suitable for intermediate to advanced kayakers.

Stratos 12.5

The Stratos 12.5 is a touring kayak designed for long-distance paddling on open waters. With its slender hull and increased length, it offers excellent speed and efficiency. The Stratos 12.5 also features a drop-down skeg for improved tracking and stability, making it a great option for those seeking adventure on larger bodies of water.


The Phantom is a performance-driven kayak specifically designed for whitewater playboating. Its lightweight construction and aggressive rocker allow for quick turns and aerial maneuvers. The Phantom offers advanced paddlers the ability to push their skills to the limit and conquer challenging rapids.

Kayak Model Features Recommended Level
Dagger Blackwater 12.0 Stability, maneuverability, fishing-friendly All levels
Axis 10.5 Recreational, adjustable foot braces Beginners
SuperNova Whitewater, responsive maneuvering Intermediate to advanced
Stratos 12.5 Touring, speed, stability Intermediate to advanced
Phantom Whitewater playboating, lightweight Advanced

As seen in the comparison table, each kayak model offers distinct features and performance characteristics tailored to different paddling preferences and skill levels. By considering your specific needs and desired kayaking experiences, you can make an informed decision on the right kayak that suits you best.

Construction and Durability

The Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is built to withstand the rigors of the water with its rotomolded polyethylene construction. This material ensures rugged durability, making the kayak resistant to impacts and abrasions that may occur during your adventures. Whether you encounter rocks, branches, or other obstacles, the Blackwater 12.0 will hold up and keep you paddling.

One of the standout features of this kayak is its roomy cockpit. The spacious area allows for easy entry and exit, making it ideal for kayakers of all sizes. Additionally, the Blackwater 12.0 is equipped with soft knee pads to enhance comfort during long paddling sessions. These knee pads provide a cushioned surface that reduces strain and fatigue, allowing you to stay on the water longer and explore to your heart’s content.

Key Features:

  • Rotomolded polyethylene construction for rugged durability
  • Roomy cockpit for easy entry and exit
  • Soft knee pads for enhanced comfort

With the Dagger Blackwater 12.0, you can have confidence in the durability and construction of your touring kayak. Its rotomolded polyethylene construction ensures it can withstand the challenges of the water, while the roomy cockpit and soft knee pads provide added comfort during your paddling adventures.

Feature Description
Construction Rotomolded polyethylene for rugged durability
Cockpit Roomy for easy entry and exit
Knee Pads Soft and comfortable for long paddling sessions

Touring and Recreational Capabilities

The Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is a versatile kayak that caters to both touring and recreational needs. Whether you’re planning weekend camping expeditions or simply enjoying leisurely paddling sessions, this kayak has the capabilities to meet your requirements.

One of the standout features of the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is its exceptional carrying capacity. With a full-size stern hatch for gear storage, you can easily pack your camping essentials and embark on exciting outdoor adventures. This kayak is designed to accommodate all your gear needs, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience on the water.

The deck rigging on the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 adds to its touring capabilities. It provides quick access to necessities, such as water bottles, maps, and safety equipment, allowing you to keep essential items within arm’s reach. Whether you’re exploring calm lakes or tackling unpredictable rivers, the deck rigging ensures that your important items are secured and easily accessible during your paddling excursions.

Table: Dagger Blackwater 12.0 Touring and Recreational Capabilities

Features Description
Carrying Capacity Ample storage space with a full-size stern hatch
Deck Rigging Quick and easy access to essentials for touring
Skeg Enhanced tracking in rough water conditions
Handles Soft-touch handles for easy transportation

Additionally, the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 features a skeg, which can be adjusted to enhance tracking in different water conditions. Whether you’re facing strong currents or choppy waves, the height-adjustable skeg ensures stability and improved control, allowing you to navigate with ease.

Transporting the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is hassle-free, thanks to its soft-touch handles. These ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, making it easy to carry the kayak to and from the water. Whether you’re loading it onto your vehicle or maneuvering it through challenging terrain, the handles ensure convenience and ease of use.

Made in the USA

When it comes to quality craftsmanship, the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 stands out as a shining example of American-made excellence. Built with pride in the USA, this touring kayak showcases the skills and expertise of local manufacturers. By choosing the Dagger Blackwater 12.0, you are not only investing in a reliable and high-performing watercraft, but also supporting the local economy.

American craftsmanship has long been synonymous with durability and attention to detail, and the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is no exception. Each kayak is meticulously constructed using rotomolded polyethylene, ensuring rugged durability to withstand the demands of various water conditions. Whether you’re navigating slow rivers, exploring ponds, or venturing into sounds, this kayak is designed to last.

Not only does the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 boast impressive build quality, but it also offers a range of features that enhance your paddling experience. From the roomy cockpit and soft knee pads for added comfort to the adjustable foot pegs and drop-down skeg for improved maneuverability, every detail is designed with the paddler in mind.

Key Features Benefits
Rotomolded polyethylene construction Ensures rugged durability
Roomy cockpit and soft knee pads Provides customizable comfort
Adjustable foot pegs Offers a comfortable fit for paddlers of all sizes
Drop-down skeg Enhances tracking in different water conditions

So, if you’re in search of a reliable touring kayak that embodies quality craftsmanship, look no further than the Dagger Blackwater 12.0. Made in the USA, this kayak combines durability, comfort, and performance to provide you with an exceptional paddling experience. Support local manufacturing and embark on your next adventure with the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 today.


The Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is the reliable and comfortable touring kayak that adventure seekers have been searching for. With its sturdy build quality and versatile features, this kayak is ready to take on any water adventure you have in mind. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore slow rivers and ponds or a seasoned paddler seeking thrilling experiences, the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is the perfect companion.

Designed with the needs of adventure seekers in mind, this touring kayak offers a balance of stability and maneuverability that ensures a smooth and enjoyable paddling experience. The adjustable seat and high deck provide exceptional comfort, allowing you to paddle for hours without discomfort. With its drop-down skeg enhancing tracking, you can confidently navigate different water conditions.

For those who value reliability and durability, the Dagger Blackwater 12.0 is constructed using rotomolded polyethylene, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of your water adventures. Its spacious cockpit and soft knee pads offer a comfortable fit and easy entry and exit. And with its ample carrying capacity and deck rigging, you can pack all your gear for weekend camping expeditions.

So don’t wait any longer! Order your Dagger Blackwater 12.0 touring kayak today and embark on thrilling adventures with confidence. Whether you’re exploring calm waters or tackling more challenging conditions, this kayak is your ticket to unforgettable experiences. Join the community of adventure seekers and make the most of your time on the water with the Dagger Blackwater 12.0.

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