Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring Kayak: Performance and Comfort

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring KayakLooking for a high-performing and comfortable touring kayak? The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 is the perfect adventure partner for paddlers seeking both performance and comfort on the water. With its impressive storage capacity and sleek design, this kayak is ideal for larger paddlers who want ample gear storage during their trips.

Equipped with a rudder feature for increased control in a variety of conditions, the Tsunami 175 ensures a smooth and stable paddling experience. Its long and sleek design allows for impressive speed and efficiency, making it effortless to reach speeds of 4-5 knots on flat water.

Designed with the paddler’s comfort in mind, the Tsunami 175 features the Phase 3 AirPro XP Seating System for long-lasting comfort on those extended trips. The adjustable padded thigh braces and SlideLock Foot Brace System provide a customized fit and enhanced stability.

Additionally, the Tsunami 175 offers a range of convenient features, including domed hatches for easy gear storage, bungee deck rigging with a reflective perimeter safety line, and soft-touch handles for easy transportation. Its performance, stability, and versatility make it a reliable choice for both day trips and multi-day adventures.

If you’re in search of a reliable and high-performing touring kayak, look no further than the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175. Its combination of comfort, storage capacity, and stability will enhance your paddling experience and ensure a memorable adventure on the water.

Features of the Tsunami 175

The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring Kayak is equipped with a range of features to enhance your paddling experience. These features have been carefully designed to provide comfort, convenience, and control, ensuring that you can enjoy your time on the water to the fullest.

Phase 3 AirPro XP Seating System

The Tsunami 175 comes with the Phase 3 AirPro XP Seating System, which offers exceptional comfort during long trips. The adjustable seat and backrest provide excellent support, allowing you to paddle for extended periods without feeling fatigued. With its breathable mesh fabric and quick-drying capabilities, the seating system ensures that you stay cool and comfortable even on hot days.

Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces

To enhance your comfort and control, the Tsunami 175 features adjustable padded thigh braces. These braces provide a customized fit, allowing you to find the perfect position for your legs and hips. This not only improves your paddling efficiency but also ensures that you can maintain a stable and balanced posture throughout your journey.

SlideLock Foot Brace System

The SlideLock Foot Brace System in the Tsunami 175 allows for easy adjustment and maximum stability. With a simple slide mechanism, you can quickly set the footrests to the most comfortable position for your leg length. This feature ensures that you have optimal control of the kayak, making it easier to maneuver and navigate through different water conditions.

Domed Bow, Midship, and Stern Hatches

The Tsunami 175 is designed to provide ample gear storage for your adventures. It features domed bow, midship, and stern hatches that are watertight and secure. These hatches allow you to store your belongings safely and keep them dry, ensuring that you have everything you need within reach during your paddling journeys.

Bow, Midship, and Stern Bulkheads

In addition to the hatches, the Tsunami 175 also comes with bow, midship, and stern bulkheads. These bulkheads not only provide added storage space but also contribute to the kayak’s buoyancy and safety. They create separate compartments in the kayak, making it easier to stay afloat in the event of a capsize and ensuring that your Tsunami 175 remains stable and secure.

Bungee Deck Rigging with Reflective Static Perimeter Safety Line

For further convenience, the Tsunami 175 features bungee deck rigging with a reflective static perimeter safety line. This system allows you to secure additional gear on the deck of the kayak, providing easy access to items you may need during your paddling adventures. The reflective strip enhances visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring your safety on the water.

Soft Touch Handles

Transporting your Tsunami 175 is made easy with the soft touch handles located at the bow and stern. These handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to carry your kayak effortlessly to and from the water. Whether you’re loading it onto your car or maneuvering it on land, the soft touch handles make transportation a breeze.

Course Control Rudder

The Tsunami 175 is equipped with a course control rudder that enhances your control and maneuverability in challenging conditions. The rudder can be easily deployed or retracted using a hand-operated control, allowing you to adapt to changing water conditions and maintain a steady course. This feature is particularly useful when facing strong winds or currents.

Color Options and Accessories

The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring Kayak offers a variety of attractive color options to suit your personal style. Choose from vibrant shades such as Breeze Blue, Infinite Yellow, Mango, and Eclipse. Each kayak is unique, so please note that colors may vary slightly. The visually engaging image below showcases the Tsunami 175 in all its colorful glory.

To further enhance your kayaking experience, Wilderness Systems provides a range of accessories designed specifically for the Tsunami 175. These accessories are tailored to fit and complement the kayak’s features, ensuring optimal functionality and convenience. Some of the accessories available include:

These accessories can enhance your storage options, provide comfort during long trips, and add practical features for certain activities like fishing. They are designed with durability and functionality in mind, ensuring they can withstand the demands of your kayaking adventures. Customize your Tsunami 175 with these accessories to tailor your kayak to your specific needs and preferences.

Accessory Description
Lithium Battery Cradle A secure and convenient cradle for holding a lithium battery to power your electronic devices during long trips.
Mesh Storage Sleeve & Water Bottle Kit A mesh sleeve that attaches to the kayak for storing small items and a water bottle holder for easy access to hydration.
Phase 3 AirPro Backband Kit An adjustable backband that provides additional support and comfort during extended periods of paddling.
Phase 3 AirPro Seatback Kit A replacement seatback that offers enhanced comfort and support for long-distance kayaking.
Retractable Tether A retractable tether that secures your valuable gear, such as fishing rods or electronics, to the kayak for added peace of mind.
Rod Leash A leash specifically designed to keep your fishing rod secure and within reach while you focus on paddling.
Solar Panels Solar panels that can be attached to the kayak to harness the power of the sun and charge your electronic devices on the go.
XL Rudder Kit for solo kayaks An extended rudder kit designed for solo kayaks, providing enhanced control and maneuverability in various conditions.

Performance and Stability

The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring Kayak is renowned for its exceptional performance and stability. Its sleek and elongated design allows for impressive speed and efficiency, enabling paddlers to effortlessly reach speeds of 4-5 knots on calm waters. The kayak’s primary and secondary stability are both outstanding, providing a secure and confidence-inspiring paddling experience.

The Tsunami 175 features a deep “V” hull and hard chines, which contribute to its exceptional tracking ability. Even in windy conditions, the kayak stays on course, thanks to its inherent tracking capability. While the rudder feature is useful in high wind situations, the Tsunami 175 naturally tracks straight, making it an ideal choice for paddlers seeking reliable performance.

Maneuverability is another strength of the Tsunami 175. Although it is comparable to kayaks of similar length when it comes to turning, the hard chines greatly enhance its responsiveness, allowing for quick and precise maneuvers. Whether you’re navigating through narrow passages or making quick adjustments in challenging environments, the Tsunami 175 delivers exceptional maneuverability.

To provide a comprehensive overview of the kayak’s performance and stability, the following table summarizes the key features:

Feature Description
Speed Impressive speed and efficiency, reaching 4-5 knots on calm waters
Primary Stability Excellent stability, providing a secure and confidence-inspiring paddling experience
Secondary Stability Exceptional stability, ensuring stability even in challenging conditions
Tracking Outstanding tracking ability, maintaining course even in windy conditions
Maneuverability Quick and precise maneuvers, aided by the hard chines

Overall, the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring Kayak offers an exceptional combination of performance and stability. Whether you’re embarking on a day trip or a multi-day adventure, this kayak delivers a reliable and enjoyable paddling experience, allowing you to explore the water with confidence.


In conclusion, the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring Kayak is a top-notch choice for paddlers seeking a high-performing and comfortable kayak for their adventures. With its generous gear storage capacity and adjustable features, it is well-suited for long-distance touring and kayak camping trips.

The Tsunami 175’s outstanding stability, both primary and secondary, ensures a secure and confident paddling experience. Its sleek design allows for impressive speed and efficiency, enabling paddlers to effortlessly reach speeds of 4-5 knots on flat water.

Furthermore, the Tsunami 175’s deep “V” hull and hard chines contribute to its excellent tracking ability, allowing it to stay on course even in challenging windy conditions. While the rudder feature enhances control in high wind situations, the kayak exhibits a natural tendency to track straight.

Overall, whether you’re planning a day trip or embarking on a multi-day adventure, the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring Kayak is a reliable and versatile companion that will elevate your experience on the water. With different length options available in the Tsunami line, there’s a perfect fit for every paddler’s preference and needs.

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