Fishing Rod Storage for Touring Kayak

Fishing Rod Storage for Touring KayakFishing from a touring kayak often requires efficient rod storage solutions. In this article, we will explore various options and recommendations for storing fishing rods on a touring kayak. The information provided is based on factual data from reliable sources.

When it comes to kayak fishing, having a reliable storage system for your fishing rods is crucial. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, having easy access to your rods can make a significant difference in your overall fishing experience.

In the following sections, we will discuss different types of rod holders and storage options specifically designed for touring kayaks. We will also provide insights on how to consider your needs, available space, and the best ways to protect your fishing rods while in transit.

Consider Your Needs and Space

When it comes to storing fishing rods on a touring kayak, it is crucial to consider your specific needs and the available space on your kayak. Understanding your rod storage needs and assessing the space restrictions on your kayak will help you make an informed decision and find the most suitable rod storage solution.

First, determine how many fishing rods you would like to carry with you on your kayak. This will depend on your fishing style and preferences. Some anglers may only need to carry a couple of rods, while others may require more for different fishing techniques or targeting various species.

Next, consider the available space on your kayak deck. You need to ensure that the rod storage solution you choose does not obstruct your paddling or interfere with other kayak accessories. Measure the clearance you have on your kayak deck to determine the type and number of rod holders that can fit comfortably.

Factors to Consider:

  • Number of fishing rods you want to carry
  • Available space on your kayak deck

By assessing your rod storage needs and the space limitations on your touring kayak, you can make an informed decision and select a rod storage solution that best fits your requirements.

Rod Storage Needs Space Restrictions
Consider the number of fishing rods you want to carry on your kayak. Measure the available space on your kayak deck to ensure a proper fit.
Determine if you need additional storage for different fishing techniques or targeting different species. Be mindful of any obstructions or interference with other kayak accessories.
Choose a rod storage solution that can accommodate your specific needs. Select a solution that maximizes space utilization and does not hinder your paddling.

Deck Mount Rod Holders

When it comes to storing fishing rods on a touring kayak, deck mount rod holders are a convenient and practical option. One popular brand to consider is Scotty, which offers a range of deck mount rod holders suitable for bait caster/spinning or fly reels. These holders come with either a 4″ round base or a 2″ x 4″ rectangular base, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your kayak deck.

What makes deck mount rod holders ideal is their ease of installation. You can simply attach them to the deck of your kayak using the provided mounting hardware. This makes it quick and easy to secure your fishing rods while you paddle or cast your line. Additionally, some deck mount rod holders can be flush mounted, which creates a sleeker profile on the kayak deck and minimizes the risk of snagging your fishing line on any protruding parts.

Deck mount rod holders offer a secure, easily accessible storage solution for your fishing rods. By keeping them within arm’s reach, you can quickly swap out different rods or make adjustments while on the water. Whether you’re trolling, casting, or simply taking a break, having your rods securely stored and easily accessible can enhance your overall kayak fishing experience.

Table: Comparison of Deck Mount Rod Holders

Brand Type Base Size Compatibility
Scotty Deck Mount 4″ Round Bait Caster/Spinning or Fly Reels
Scotty Deck Mount 2″ x 4″ Rectangular Bait Caster/Spinning or Fly Reels

As shown in the table above, the Scotty brand offers both round and rectangular base options for their deck mount rod holders. This allows you to choose the base size that best fits your kayak deck and personal preference. Furthermore, these holders are compatible with both bait caster/spinning and fly reels, ensuring that they can accommodate a variety of fishing rod setups.

Deck mount rod holders provide a reliable and convenient storage solution for your fishing rods while touring on a kayak. Whether you choose the Scotty brand or another trusted manufacturer, these holders are a practical accessory that can enhance your kayak fishing adventures.

Flush Mount Rod Holders

When it comes to storing fishing rods on a touring kayak, flush mount rod holders offer a functional and affordable solution. These versatile storage options are easy to install and can accommodate various types of rods, making them a popular choice among kayak anglers.

Flush mount rod holders are typically installed behind the cockpit or in other suitable locations on the kayak. They provide a secure and organized storage system for your fishing rods, keeping them within easy reach while you navigate the waters. These holders are often used in pairs, allowing you to store multiple rods simultaneously.

One of the advantages of flush mount rod holders is their sleek design. Unlike deck mount rod holders, which protrude above the kayak deck, flush mount holders create a streamlined profile that minimizes the risk of snagging or interference during your fishing trips. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your kayak but also improves its overall functionality.

Benefits of Flush Mount Rod Holders:

  • Secure and organized storage for fishing rods
  • Versatile and adaptable to different rod types
  • Sleek design that minimizes interference
  • Easy installation in suitable locations on the kayak

When selecting flush mount rod holders, consider factors such as the material, durability, and compatibility with your kayak model. It’s also important to ensure that the holders are securely fastened to the kayak to prevent any accidental loss of your fishing rods.

Overall, flush mount rod holders provide a reliable and efficient solution for storing fishing rods on a touring kayak. By choosing these functional and affordable storage options, you can enjoy a more organized and enjoyable kayak fishing experience.

Milk Crate Rod Storage

When it comes to affordable and customizable rod storage solutions for your touring kayak, look no further than milk crate rod storage combined with PVC rod holders. This DIY option allows you to create a secure and organized system for storing your fishing rods on your kayak.

Using a milk crate as the base, you can attach PVC rod holders to create individual spaces for each rod. This ensures that your rods are held securely in place during transportation and storage. The milk crate provides a sturdy foundation and can be easily attached to your kayak using bungee cords or straps.

The beauty of this setup is its versatility. You can customize the placement and number of PVC rod holders based on your specific needs. Whether you prefer to carry a few rods or a larger collection, this method allows you to adapt the storage system accordingly.

Benefits of Milk Crate Rod Storage

  • Affordability: Milk crates and PVC pipe are readily available and cost-effective materials, making this storage solution budget-friendly.
  • Customizability: With the ability to adjust the number and placement of PVC rod holders, you can create a storage system that fits your specific requirements.
  • Durability: Milk crates are durable and can withstand the rigors of kayak fishing, ensuring that your rods are protected even in rough waters.
  • Accessibility: The open design of milk crate rod storage allows for easy access to your fishing rods, making it convenient to switch between different rods while on the water.

Overall, milk crate rod storage combined with PVC rod holders provides an affordable, customizable, and reliable solution for storing your fishing rods on a touring kayak. By utilizing this DIY method, you can ensure that your rods are secure, organized, and easily accessible, enhancing your kayak fishing experience.

Advantages Disadvantages
Cost-effective Requires DIY assembly
Customizable to fit your needs May take up space on the kayak
Durable and secure May not be suitable for all kayak models
Easy access to fishing rods Requires additional storage for other gear

Storage Solutions for Cars and Trucks

When it comes to storing fishing rods while transporting them in your car or truck, it is important to prioritize their protection to prevent any damage. Fortunately, there are various interior rod storage options designed specifically for cars and SUVs that can ensure the safety of your rods during transit.

One popular option is interior rod racks, which can be attached to the ceiling or headliner of your vehicle. These racks securely hold your fishing rods in place, preventing them from getting tangled or broken during the journey. They are designed to accommodate multiple rods, allowing you to transport your collection with ease.

If you own a truck, there are specialized rod racks available that can be mounted on the truck bed or utility rack. These racks provide a secure and convenient way to transport your fishing rods while utilizing the space in your truck effectively. With these racks, your rods will be safely stored and ready for action when you reach your fishing destination.

Interior Rod Racks for Cars and SUVs

Rod Storage Solution Key Features
Ceiling-Mounted Rod Rack – Attaches to the interior ceiling
– Holds multiple fishing rods securely
– Prevents rods from tangling or breaking
Headliner Rod Rack – Attaches to the interior headliner
– Provides convenient and accessible storage
– Protects rods from damage during transport

Specialized Rod Racks for Trucks

Rod Storage Solution Key Features
Truck Bed Rod Rack – Mounts on the truck bed
– Secures fishing rods during transport
– Maximizes storage space in the truck
Utility Rack Rod Holder – Attaches to the utility rack
– Provides easy access to fishing rods
– Keeps rods organized and protected

By utilizing these interior rod storage solutions for cars and trucks, you can prevent rod damage and ensure that your fishing rods remain in optimal condition. Whether you’re heading to a nearby fishing spot or embarking on a long-distance fishing adventure, these storage options will keep your rods secure and ready for your next catch.

Alternative Storage Options

When it comes to storing fishing rods, there are alternative options that can provide convenience and organization. In addition to traditional rod holders, there are various storage solutions that can be utilized in a garage or other storage spaces. These alternatives can offer flexibility, customization, and maximize available space. Let’s explore some of these alternative rod storage options.

Kayak Crates with Vertical Rod Holders

Kayak crates equipped with vertical rod holders are a popular choice for storing rods in a garage. These crates are designed to securely hold multiple fishing rods in an upright position, keeping them organized and easily accessible. The vertical orientation also helps save space, making it an efficient storage solution for areas with limited room. Kayak crates with vertical rod holders can be purchased from various retailers or even made as a DIY project using readily available materials.

Cobra Garage Door Storage Systems

If you’re looking to maximize storage space in your garage, the Cobra Garage Door Storage Systems can be a game-changer. This innovative system allows you to secure fishing rods to the inside of your garage door, utilizing the often-neglected vertical space. By utilizing specially designed brackets and straps, the Cobra Garage Door Storage Systems keep your fishing rods safe, organized, and out of the way. This system is suitable for various rod lengths and can be easily installed on most garage doors.

Garage Storage Options

When it comes to garage storage, there are several options worth considering. Ceiling and wall mount rod racks are a popular choice as they allow you to make use of vertical space while keeping your fishing rods easily accessible. These racks can be purchased or easily made using PVC pipe and scrap wood. Hanging rods horizontally or vertically can also be an effective storage solution. Additionally, storing fishing rods in padded storage bags or cases can provide extra protection against dust and damage.

By exploring alternative rod storage options such as kayak crates with vertical rod holders, the Cobra Garage Door Storage Systems, and various garage storage solutions, you can create a customized and efficient storage system for your fishing rods. These alternatives offer convenience, organization, and help protect your valuable fishing gear, ensuring they are ready for your next kayaking adventure.


Choosing the right fishing rod storage solution for your touring kayak is essential in ensuring a convenient and secure experience while enhancing your overall kayak fishing adventures. By carefully considering your specific needs and available space, you can select the best option for storing your fishing rods.

Deck mount rod holders, such as the popular Scotty brand, provide a practical and easily installed solution for keeping your rods within reach. Flush mount rod holders offer a functional and affordable alternative, while milk crate rod storage, combined with PVC rod holders, provides an affordable and customizable option.

Furthermore, when transporting your fishing rods in your car or truck, utilizing interior rod racks designed specifically for vehicles can prevent damage and tangling. Additionally, alternative storage options like garage rod racks and vertical rod holders in kayak crates offer convenience and organization.

By utilizing these fishing rod storage solutions, you can ensure that your rods are conveniently and securely stored, protecting them from damage and maximizing your enjoyment while kayak fishing. So, equip yourself with the right storage solution and take your kayak fishing experience to the next level!

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