Top Ten Kayak Fishing Spots in Florida

Top Ten Kayak Fishing Spots in FloridaFlorida offers a diverse range of waterways and fisheries, making it a prime destination for kayak fishing. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice exploring the world of kayak fishing, Florida has something to offer for everyone. From the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys to the scenic beauty of Biscayne Bay and the hidden gems along the Gulf Coast, there are countless fishing spots waiting to be discovered.

Kayak fishing allows anglers to access remote and untouched areas that are inaccessible by traditional boats, providing a unique and immersive fishing experience. With its abundance of marine life and varied ecosystems, Florida is a haven for kayak anglers seeking adventure and unforgettable fishing encounters.

Whether you’re targeting saltwater species like bonefish and tarpon or freshwater fish like largemouth bass, Florida has it all. In this article, we will explore the top ten kayak fishing spots in Florida, highlighting the unique characteristics and species that make each location a must-visit for any kayak angler.

The Florida Keys – A Kayak Fishing Paradise

The Florida Keys are renowned for their diverse and abundant fish species, making it a kayak fishing paradise. The clear waters of the backcountry and flats offer the perfect habitat for bonefish and tarpon, among other species. Kayakers can enjoy the silent approach of a kayak to sneak up on these easily spooked fish.

With its stunning coral reefs and mangrove-lined shores, the Florida Keys provide an unparalleled kayaking experience. Imagine gliding through turquoise waters, surrounded by vibrant marine life and breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, the Florida Keys offer something for everyone.

One of the top spots for kayak fishing in the Florida Keys is the Marquesas Keys. These remote islands are home to an abundance of bonefish, tarpon, and permit. The shallow flats and channels surrounding the Marquesas Keys make it an ideal location for sight casting and challenging battles with powerful fish.

Fish Species in the Florida Keys

Fish Species Description
Bonefish A highly prized sportfish known for its speed and elusive nature. Found in the shallow flats, bonefish are known for their strong runs and acrobatic jumps.
Tarpon A powerful gamefish that can reach sizes exceeding 100 pounds. Known for their spectacular jumps and thrilling fights, tarpon are a favorite among anglers.
Permit A challenging fish to catch due to their wariness and selective feeding habits. Permit are known for their strength and impressive size.

Whether you’re targeting bonefish, tarpon, or other species, the Florida Keys offer a world-class kayak fishing experience. From the peaceful solitude of the backcountry to the adrenaline-pumping battles with trophy fish, kayak anglers will find their paradise in the Florida Keys.

Southwest Florida – Exploring the Gulf Coast

Southwest Florida is a hidden gem for kayak fishing enthusiasts, offering a wealth of opportunities along the stunning Gulf Coast. With its abundance of diverse ecosystems and access to prime fishing spots, this region is a haven for anglers seeking adventure and tranquility.

Tampa Bay – A Kayaker’s Paradise

Tampa Bay is a premier destination for kayak fishing in Southwest Florida. Its expansive waters and numerous barrier islands provide endless options to explore and target various species. The bay is home to popular game fish like snook, redfish, and trout, making it a paradise for both seasoned anglers and beginners.

For those seeking a unique experience, De Soto National Park near St. Petersburg is a must-visit. This picturesque park offers a mix of shallow and deep water spots, where you can cast your line and hook into snook, trout, jack, and Spanish mackerel. The beauty of this park lies in its serene surroundings and abundance of wildlife, making it a true oasis for kayak fishing enthusiasts.

Table: Top Kayak Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

Location Target Species Notable Features
Tampa Bay Snook, redfish, trout Barrier islands, expansive waters
De Soto National Park Snook, trout, jack, Spanish mackerel Shallow and deep water spots, wildlife
Clearwater Snook, redfish, tarpon Clear waters, scenic surroundings
Sarasota Bay Snook, redfish, trout, tarpon Mangrove-lined shores, seagrass beds

Clearwater and Sarasota Bay are also popular kayak fishing destinations in Southwest Florida. Clearwater’s clear waters and scenic surroundings provide a tranquil backdrop for targeting snook, redfish, and tarpon. Sarasota Bay, on the other hand, offers a diverse ecosystem of mangrove-lined shores and seagrass beds, attracting a variety of species including snook, redfish, trout, and tarpon.

Exploring the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida on a kayak allows anglers to access secluded spots that are often inaccessible to larger boats. Whether you’re searching for trophy fish or simply looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the region, Southwest Florida has it all. Grab your kayak, embrace the serenity of the Gulf Coast, and get ready for an unforgettable kayak fishing adventure!

The Forgotten Coast – Saint Joseph Bay and Apalachicola Bay

The Forgotten Coast, stretching from Port St. Joe to East Point, offers two prime kayak fishing spots – Saint Joseph Bay and Apalachicola Bay. These picturesque bays provide a tranquil and scenic fishing experience away from the crowds, making them a favorite among kayak anglers.

Saint Joseph Bay is known for its calm and crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal spot for beginners and those seeking a peaceful fishing adventure. The bay is home to a variety of fish species, including redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and sheepshead. Anglers can explore the shallow grass flats and oyster bars in search of their prized catch while enjoying the stunning coastal scenery.

Apalachicola Bay, on the other hand, is a brackish system fed by fresh and saltwater, creating a unique habitat for various fish species. Kayakers can target speckled trout, redfish, and flounder while navigating the marshes and channels of the bay. The abundance of oyster bars and submerged structures attract schools of fish, providing ample opportunities for anglers to test their skills.

For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of more popular fishing destinations, the Forgotten Coast and its hidden gems of Saint Joseph Bay and Apalachicola Bay offer a peaceful retreat and an unforgettable kayak fishing experience.

Biscayne Bay – Exploring a Tropical Wonderland

Biscayne Bay, located near Downtown Miami, offers kayak anglers the chance to fish in a tropical wonderland. With numerous reefs, islands, jetties, and flats, the bay provides ample opportunities to target species like bonefish, snook, and even sharks. The crystal-clear waters allow for stunning wildlife viewing, including coral reefs, sea turtles, and dolphins.

When kayak fishing in Biscayne Bay, anglers can take advantage of the bay’s extensive network of mangroves, which serve as a productive fish habitat. These mangroves provide shelter and food for a variety of species, making them hotspots for kayak anglers. You can quietly paddle through the narrow channels lined with mangroves, casting your line and waiting for the fish to bite.

The bay’s coral reefs are another highlight for kayak anglers. These vibrant underwater ecosystems are home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and even the occasional manatee. Exploring the coral reefs from your kayak provides a unique perspective and gives you the opportunity to observe this fascinating underwater world up close.

Kayak Fishing Tips for Biscayne Bay

When planning your kayak fishing trip to Biscayne Bay, here are some tips to enhance your experience:

  • Choose a stable and maneuverable kayak that is suitable for both calm waters and potential choppy conditions.
  • Check the weather conditions and tides before heading out to ensure a safe and successful fishing trip.
  • Bring a variety of lures and bait to entice different species, such as soft plastics, topwater lures, and live bait.
  • Practice catch and release to help preserve the bay’s fragile ecosystem and ensure future generations can enjoy the same fishing opportunities.

So, if you’re looking for a tropical kayak fishing adventure, Biscayne Bay should be on your list. With its stunning scenery, diverse fishing opportunities, and abundant marine life, it’s a true paradise for anglers.


Florida boasts an impressive array of kayak fishing spots, making it a haven for anglers seeking thrilling adventures on the water. From the stunning Florida Keys to the captivating Biscayne Bay, the Sunshine State offers diverse ecosystems teeming with fish species waiting to be caught.

Whether you prefer the peaceful solitude of Saint Joseph Bay and Apalachicola Bay or the bustling urban fishing opportunities in Lake Ida Chains of Lakes, Florida has something for everyone. Novice or seasoned kayakers alike can explore the scenic beauty and abundant waters of Everglades National Park or the urban fishing opportunities in Tampa Bay and De Soto National Park.

With bonefish, tarpon, snook, redfish, speckled trout, and many more species to be found, Florida’s kayak fishing spots provide endless opportunities for anglers. So grab your gear, hop into your kayak, and embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure in the diverse and captivating waters of the Sunshine State.

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