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How to Select Best Fishing Kayak

Fishing had never been so fun and thrilling until fishing kayaks came into existence. Kayak fishing has become one of the favorite past time activity for people across the globe. For those who do not know yet what kayak fishing is, it is a very interesting and unique form of fishing. You get to fish by traveling on a kayak across the water body where you are going to fish. Kayak is a lightweight water vehicle specially designed for catching fishes. Fishing kayaks are taking over the world as fishing enthusiasts prefer it over expensive motorboat. It comes with several advantages over traditional fishing or motorboat fishing. In this article, we will be discussing all those points and provide you a complete guide on buying the best fishing kayak.

best fishing kayak

Advantages of Fishing Kayak over Motorboat Fishing

Gone are the days when you would sit on the banks of the water body and drop your fishing rod. Now, you have to take a personalized boat or water vehicle to reach the place where the availability of the fishes is greater. It also makes fishing more interesting and thrilling. Previously, traveling on water and reaching a place for fishing was only possible through a motorboat. But now, fishing kayaks are slowly and steadily replacing them completely. A fishing kayak is cheaper than a motor boat. It has minimal maintenance and easier to transport. Fishing kayaks help an angler to approach the region where fishes are available with a very stealthy approach, unlike motorboats. Furthermore, it makes fishing a challenging sport as catching and landing large fishes while sitting on a kayak is quite thrilling. These are the exact reasons why fishing kayaks score over motorboat fishing remarkably.

What Are The Different Types of Kayaks and How Fishing Kayak Is Different?

Broadly, there are six different types of kayaks available in the market based on their applications. They are sea kayaks, surf kayaks, racing kayaks, fishing kayaks, whitewater kayaks and recreational kayaks.The designs of each one of them are different according to their applications. Recreational kayaks are for casual paddlers to take photographs or just have a peaceful water paddling experience. Sea kayaks can have three persons on it and its design can overcome high waves easily.

best fishing kayak

Surf kayaks have hard edges and flat bottoms. Whitewater kayaks are for traveling on rivers even when fairly high-speed water is flowing underneath. Fishing kayaks, on the other hand, are designed to move swiftly on fresh and salt water. They have wide beams for better lateral stability. Some of them have outriggers for more stability in case the angler wants to catch bigger fishes and land them perfectly. Some fishing kayaks come with a setup for stand up paddling. Some of the modern fishing kayaks offer built-in rod holders, coolers, GPS receivers and several other handy accessories. They have enough spaces for storing the large fishes and provide life-saving equipment.

How to Select the Best Fishing Kayak?

Select your kayak as match to fishing area

The first step to select the best fishing kayak is to Identifying your fishing area. Once you do that, you will be able to select the type of kayak fishing that is best for you. You can check and get idea about this by following the fishing kayak reviews.

* Freshwater Fishing-

If you want to fish in rivers, ponds, lakes or streams, you have to opt for freshwater kayaks. In fresh water kayaks, there are two distinct varieties. Freshwater can be still water or moving water. For moving water, you would require a more stable kayak while for still water, any recreational kayak would do. Small farm ponds and lakes have still water while rivers have fast moving water.

* Saltwater Fishing –

If you want to fish in saltwater marshes, estuaries, bays, along the shores of seas, you need saltwater kayaks. Again, there are two distinct varieties. Inbound water kayaks are for fishing in saltwater bed with a depth less than 75 feet. In such cases, the kayaks have to face the strong wind and sharp waves from time to time. Offshore water kayaks are for fishing in saltwater bodies with depth more than 75 feet. The angler has to travel a long distance and hence, the kayaks are longer than usual for security purpose. Such kayaks have high stability, and in case the angler gets capsized, he can reenter the floating kayak easily.

best fishing kayak

Kayak as Sitting type

In the Kayak market having two different types of kayak as on sitting position.

Types Of kayaks :

Sit-on- top kayaks do not have an enclosed cockpit as in sit-in kayaks. But sit-on- top kayaks are more stable and secure. Any water that splashes on the kayak will escape easily. It has double hull construction which makes it unsinkable under any circumstances. Sit-on- top kayaks are tough and heavy but sit-in kayaks are more comfortable and best for beginners.

Sit-in kayaks help beginners to catch and land big fishes without any fear to getting capsized.Therefore, if you are a beginner in kayak fishing, it is better to go for sit-in kayaks. Also, if you are going for fishing on a moving water body, you should use sit-in kayaks because there is no chance of toppling. But if the water is still and calm, sit-on- top is a must for a thrilling experience.

Factors To Keep In Mind To Buy The Best Fishing Kayak

You have to consider all the factors possible to buy the right and best fishing kayak.

Stability – There are two types of stability factors you need to watch out. Initial stability of a kayak is when you are sitting upright. Secondary stability is when you are leaning to the sides for catching a fish. For a beginner, second stability is more important because some kayaks have a low secondary stability which you need to avoid.

Size – The size of the kayaks matters a lot. Long kayaks can travel faster than short ones because they cover greater waterline. But long kayaks are difficult to turn and move swiftly. Apart from the length, you need to look for width as well. Narrow kayaks have high secondary stability than initial stability and
vice versa for wide kayaks. Also, wide kayaks are slower and less agile. Therefore, you need to make a choice there according to your preference and requirement.

Skill Level – Skill or experience level is very important in while you selecting the best fishing kayak for you.

Experienced anglers do not require high secondary stability, and they want kayaks that are agiler, have high speed and maneuverable. If you have less or no experience in kayak fishing, it is better to opt for a stable and secure kayak.

Accessories –

Some kayaks provide a lot of useful and handy accessories rod rack, rod holder, anchor trolleys, bait wells, cooler wells and several others. If you do not want a headache of buying them separately and want all the best and useful accessories with your kayak for better fishing experience, you need to buy the premium kayaks. They come with GPS, Sonar, drogue, Paddle Park, comfortable seats, anchor, rod rack and even casting net. Along with these, you would require a paddle to propel the kayak and personal flotation device for safety. In case you are opting for a sit-in kayak, you would need a spray skirt to prevent water from entering the cockpit. Take all these factors into consideration and get yourself the best fishing kayak possible to have the ultimate fishing experience.

best fishing kayak

3 Best Fishing Kayak Reviews – 2019

1.Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

There are several fishing kayaks available in the market. Finding one should present no real challenge. However, not all kayaks you sight will meet your personal requirements. Landing the best fishing kayak will require careful review of the features, pros and cons before you make the final decision. This best excursion is one of the most popular kayak in the world. Here is a brief descriptive review the kayak and what to expect.


Naming one single product as the best fishing kayak is definitely subjective and biased. However, Sun Dolphin does come with various top features that you only get in some of the best offers in the market. They include;

· Swivel and fishing rod holders – the kayak comes with two fishing rod holders (flush mount) and one swivel holder mounted at the center. This gives you hands-free control as you troll the waters in search of fish hideouts.

· Sufficient storage – the deck just behind your sitting place provides sufficient storage for your cloths and there is an extra compartment for the catch. You also get a water bottle holder right on your side where you need it.

· Ergonomic padded seat – you do not need to worry about comfort anymore as the high-back seats feature enough padding to make sure you settle in the natural posture while kayaking and resting.

· Holders – Sun Dolphin excursion is 10 feet long and weighs around 40lbs and features ergonomic handles to help you carry it around with ease. You can also toss it onto a car without any help thanks to the easy-grip handles.

· More comfort and safety features – other than the deluxe padding featured on the seats, this kayak comes with adjustable footrests to fit fishermen of all heights. For safety, the kayak has shock cords lined on the deck so all your supplies will be kept safe when you hit a rock. The tough polyethylene also bounces of logs and rocks without dents. Combined with its clear color, you will hardly notice scratches.

There are several other minor features built into the kayak that can hold up to 250 lbs without sinking. It also has a bold Sun Dolphin logo to improve its aesthetic appeal.


The benefits of this kayak are quite obvious and straightforward considering all the things you can achieve. From safety to comfort and convenience, Sun Dolphin is definitely one of the best fishing kayaks you will come across. Some of the crystal pros include;

Very easy to use

Tough durable polyethylene design

Comfortable padding and foot braces to prevent muscle strains

Lightweight portable kayak with handles


Despite all the benefits, there are some cons to worry about just as you will find out of the best fishing kayak in the market. The major con raised was with regards to size; it may be a little smaller than most kayaks.


Sun Dolphin is a fantastic kayak that has several attractive features to help you have fun fishing in open waters like lakes, rivers and shallow seas. There is a quality guarantee and warranty that allows you to replace any delivery that arrives damaged or make some repairs at a reduced fee. In overall rating, Sun Dolphin excursion is definitely eligible to enter the best fishing kayak list. Make sure you buy original genuine quality from credible licensed retailers allowed to offer the product

2.Useful UH-TK181 12.5 foot Sit On Top Kayak

Kayaking has always been a standout amongst the most prevalent open air exercises for travelers around the globe. There is something about this movement that makes people make the most of their time spent in nature. Obviously, with a specific end goal to appreciate this time frame and this action, they should locate a decent kayak. As indicated by numerous specialists, utilizing a couple kayak can make your excursion in a world, more significantly, fun and on the off chance that you get included in angling amid this action you will have a portion of the best minutes throughout your life.

Why the Useful UH-TK181 12.5?

One of the primary things that you will see about this kayak is the shading or blend or hues to be more exact. In particular, as indicated by the creators at Useful, the cameo configuration will help kayakers mix in any condition in the wild and keep the fish quiet and loose. Clearly, utilizing kayaks with brilliant hues will unnerve angle.

This particular model accompanies incredible following and what is significantly more vital it is anything but difficult to move it. This is the motivation behind why UH-TK181 kayak accompanies a painstakingly adjusted body that gives the greatest strength notwithstanding when the water is not extremely quiet.Clearly, their expectation was to make a kayak that won’t simply oppose the heaviness of two grown-ups. However a kayak that will have adequate weight ability to convey angling and other gear and to keep got the angle.

There is critical freight space that will fulfill the necessities of experienced anglers. While we are as yet centered around the freight space, it regards highlight the way that there is a major back compartment that accompanies a bungee secure framework for additional well being and included space. At long last, there is additional capacity situated at the back of each seat. This is the place kayakers can put some of their own things.


Frankly, the kayak is not lightweight. To be specific, it weighs around 68 pounds. Most likely, this is not a weight that can’t be dealt with by two grown-ups, yet it speaks to critical weight for long separations. Nonetheless, the uplifting news is that there are four conveying handles that make this undertaking considerably less demanding.

This pair angling kayak is made for the long angling endeavor and this is the motivation behind why the two seats found in it are so agreeable and ergonomic. Every one of these things is here to give the greatest solace and remarkable wellbeing. Likewise, the bundle incorporates two great lightweight oars made of aluminum.

3.Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

If you enjoy kayak fishing, you will know how important it is to have the right equipment. The Sun Dolphin Journey 10-foot certainly a contender for the best fishing kayak, thanks to its impressive range of features and its stylish design.

Comfort and accessibility

The Sun Dolphin Journey is the best fishing kayak if you are looking for comfortability while fishing. However, this kayak is a sit-on-top design, which gives you a little more room to move about – much-needed while paddling or if you need elbow-room while reeling in the big one. This open cockpit area isn’t an asset when you’re out on the water. It also makes much easier to embark and disembark onto your kayak. The foot braces can also be adjusted to suit most heights.

Storage capacity

This is easily the best fishing kayak when it comes to storage space, which makes it a perfect option if you’re among those who like to use their kayak to explore, moving from campsite to campsite down lakes or rivers. As well as the on board storage compartment, which is spacious enough and, of course, sealed off from the elements, the Sun Dolphin Journey also comes with a Portable Access Carrier, which can be used to tow additional belongings safely behind the kayak as you travel.

Paddle options

The Sun Dolphin Journey has given the multiple paddle options. Even more control over navigation of your vessel. This is particularly useful for those who enjoy kayaking on faster-flowing rivers. And who need to be sure that they are in control of their vessel at all times. The two mounted rod holders on each side of the vessel are perfectly located for normal kayak strokes, while the swivel rod holder gives you the flexibility you need to direct and control the kayak safely and effectively.

Great design

You might expect that a kayak with so many great features would be heavy and unwieldy. But the sun Dolphin Journey is actually very light weight.Easy to man handle, both on and off the water though this depends on how much equipment you have loaded into its storage compartments. One person can easily carry an empty kayak onto land, and it can be easily maneuvered even on difficult stretches of water. So this was a best fishing kayak for those who like to challenge themselves on the water. But who want a few mod cons packed away when they get onto dry land.

Pros and cons

The Sun Dolphin Journey is a comfortable kayak. which is very easy to maneuver and has more than enough storage options, even for those kayak users who are on a fishing trip of a few days. However, if you are over 6’ tall, you might find that it is a little uncomfortable to use even with the foot braces extended to the maximum. In addition while this may be the best fishing kayak in terms of practical design. It is only currently available in either sand or “drab green” colors, with no options for those who prefer their kayaks to be a little more colorful.


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