Sea Touring Kayak Shops 2018

Sea Touring Kayak Shops 2018Are you ready to embark on your next adventure on the water? Look no further than sea touring kayaks, designed specifically for covering long distances and carrying heavy loads. These kayaks are perfect for camping trips and extended expeditions, offering comfortable cockpits with ample legroom and spacious storage compartments.

In 2018, there are several kayak models available that cater to different needs and preferences. From the versatile Guillemot to the lightweight microBootlegger Sport and the enduring favorite Chesapeake series, there is a sea touring kayak for everyone.

When it comes to sea touring kayaks, speed is a crucial factor. Luckily, these kayaks offer above-average cruising speeds, allowing you to explore the waters with ease. Whether you prioritize cruising capability, speed, or both, there is a kayak model in 2018 that can meet your requirements.

So, where can you find these incredible sea touring kayaks? Look no further than reputable kayak shops that specialize in providing top-quality kayaks and accessories. These kayak shops offer a wide range of options for you to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect kayak for your adventures.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the joy of sea touring kayaking. Visit your nearest kayak shop today and explore the exciting 2018 kayak models on offer. Get ready to embark on unforgettable journeys and create lasting memories on the water with a sea touring kayak.


When it comes to sea kayak design, the Guillemot stands out as a top choice for paddlers seeking both performance and functionality. With a profile shape and cross-section similar to the Expedition Single, this kayak offers exceptional handling and efficiency for long-distance paddling.

What sets the Guillemot apart is its additional volume, which allows for ample gear storage and enhanced stability. Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip or an extended expedition, this sea touring kayak has the capacity to carry heavy loads while maintaining a comfortable and balanced ride.

With cruising speed being a key consideration for many paddlers, the Guillemot delivers. Its streamlined design and efficient hull enable above-average cruising speeds, making it a top choice for those who prioritize both speed and comfort on the water.

Guillemot Technical Specifications:

Length Width Weight Price
17’2″ 21.5″ Approx. 50-55 lbs Starting from $2169.00

microBootlegger Sport

The microBootlegger Sport is a sea touring kayak that is specifically designed with a tandem kayak design, making it suitable for two paddlers. It offers a well-balanced combination of stability and maneuverability, allowing for smooth and efficient paddling in various conditions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the microBootlegger Sport provides a comfortable and enjoyable kayaking experience.

One of the standout features of the microBootlegger Sport is its lightweight construction. This makes it easy to handle both on and off the water. The kayak’s lightweight design also contributes to its excellent performance, as it glides effortlessly through the water, providing a smooth and efficient paddling experience.

Key Features of the microBootlegger Sport

  • Tandem kayak design, suitable for two paddlers
  • Lightweight construction for easy handling
  • Balance of stability and maneuverability
  • Comfortable cockpit for extended paddling trips

Whether you’re planning a day trip or a multi-day expedition, the microBootlegger Sport is a reliable and versatile sea touring kayak option. Its tandem design allows you to enjoy the company of a paddling partner while exploring the water. With its lightweight construction and comfortable cockpit, it offers a perfect balance of performance and comfort. The microBootlegger Sport is available in kit form, allowing you to build and customize your own kayak to your preferences.

Chesapeake Series

The Chesapeake series is an enduring favorite among paddlers who prefer the satisfaction of building their own sea kayaks. These build-it-yourself sea kayaks are not only a cost-effective option but also allow for customization to meet individual preferences. The Chesapeake series offers a range of models, each with its unique capabilities and features.

Chesapeake Double

The Chesapeake Double is a high-volume touring boat designed for tandem paddling. With its 700lb payload capacity, it can easily accommodate two paddlers and their gear for extended trips. The spacious cockpit provides ample legroom and comfortable seating, ensuring a pleasant paddling experience. The Chesapeake Double is known for its stability and ability to handle various water conditions.

Chesapeake Triple

For those seeking even more capacity, the Chesapeake Triple is an excellent choice. With a generous payload capacity and room for three paddlers, this kayak is ideal for group adventures or family outings. The Chesapeake Triple offers stability, speed, and the durability needed for extended journeys.

The Chesapeake series kits start from $1298.00, making them an affordable option for those looking to build their own sea kayaks. The plans are also available from $89.00, providing the opportunity for DIY enthusiasts to create their dream kayaks. Building a Chesapeake kayak allows paddlers to not only save money but also gain a deep sense of satisfaction from the completion of a personal project.

Model Payload Capacity Price (Kit) Price (Plans)
Chesapeake Double 700lb $1298.00 $89.00
Chesapeake Triple 800lb $1429.00 $89.00

CLC Shearwater Sport: The Perfect Combination of West Greenland Handling and Comfortable Cockpit

The CLC Shearwater Sport is a sea touring kayak that offers a unique combination of light weight, sharp West Greenland handling, and a comfortable cockpit. Designed for paddlers who prioritize agility and maneuverability, this kayak is perfect for navigating various water conditions with ease.

The CLC Shearwater Sport features a shorter length compared to other sea touring kayaks, making it more convenient to construct, store, and transport. Despite its compact size, it doesn’t compromise on performance. Its West Greenland handling allows for precise control and responsiveness, making it a joy to paddle.

In addition to its exceptional handling, the CLC Shearwater Sport offers a comfortable cockpit design. With ample legroom and ergonomic seating, you can enjoy long paddling trips without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. The kayak’s well-designed cockpit also ensures easy entry and exit, enhancing your overall paddling experience.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced paddler, the CLC Shearwater Sport is a versatile sea touring kayak that delivers on both performance and comfort. Its combination of West Greenland handling and a comfortable cockpit makes it a standout choice for those seeking a kayak that offers agility, convenience, and an enjoyable paddling experience.

Key Features Specifications
West Greenland handling Length: 16′ 6″
Comfortable cockpit Width: 22.5″
Lightweight construction Weight: 45 lbs
Effortless cruising speed Cockpit dimensions: 32″ x 17″
Recommended paddler weight: 130 – 200 lbs

Trimaran-Conversion Kit

The Trimaran-Conversion Kit is a popular option for kayakers looking to enhance their water exploration experiences with sailing capabilities. Since its introduction in 1995, this kit has been widely adopted, with vast numbers built and utilized by kayaking enthusiasts worldwide.

With the Trimaran-Conversion Kit, kayakers can easily transform their regular kayaks into sail-powered vessels. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for adventure on the water.

Equipping a kayak with the Trimaran-Conversion Kit allows paddlers to harness the power of the wind, allowing for efficient and exciting sailing experiences. Whether you’re looking to embark on relaxing cruises or engage in thrilling races, this kit provides the means to do so.

Prices for the Trimaran-Conversion Kit start from $1785.00, making it an accessible option for those seeking to add versatility and excitement to their kayaking endeavors.

Benefits of the Trimaran-Conversion Kit

The Trimaran-Conversion Kit offers several benefits that enhance the sailing capabilities of kayaks:

  • Increased Speed: With the sail, kayaks can move swiftly through the water, taking advantage of favorable winds.
  • Efficient Navigation: Sailing allows for easier and more efficient navigation, as the kayak can cover longer distances with less effort.
  • Exploration Opportunities: The addition of a sail opens up new areas and routes that may not be easily accessible by paddling alone.
  • Enhanced Adventure: Sailing provides a sense of thrill and excitement, allowing kayakers to experience the water in a unique way.

By incorporating the Trimaran-Conversion Kit into their kayaking setup, enthusiasts can enjoy the best of both worlds – the tranquility of paddling and the exhilaration of sailing.

Benefits Description
Increased Speed Sailing allows kayaks to move swiftly through the water, taking advantage of favorable winds.
Efficient Navigation With the sail, kayakers can cover longer distances with less effort, making navigation easier and more efficient.
Exploration Opportunities The addition of a sail opens up new areas and routes that may not be easily accessible by paddling alone, providing more opportunities for exploration.
Enhanced Adventure Sailing adds a sense of thrill and excitement to kayaking, allowing enthusiasts to experience the water in a unique and exhilarating way.


In 2018, there are several sea touring kayak options available, ranging from the versatile Guillemot and microBootlegger Sport to the popular Chesapeake series. These kayaks offer a combination of speed, stability, and storage capacity, making them ideal for long-distance trips and expeditions.

Additionally, accessories like the Trimaran-Conversion Kit add versatility to kayaks, allowing for sailing adventures. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, there’s a sea touring kayak in 2018 that can meet your needs.

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