Kayak Fishing Spots in WV

Kayak Fishing Spots in WVIf you’re a kayak fishing enthusiast looking for the perfect fishing spots in West Virginia, you’re in luck. The state offers a multitude of small lakes and rivers that are ideal for kayak fishing. Whether you’re chasing bass or other fish species, there are plenty of options to satisfy your angling cravings.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top kayak fishing spots in different districts of West Virginia. From Upper Mud River Lake in District 5 to Sleepy Creek and South Mill Lake in District 2, there’s something for every angler’s preference. We’ll also discuss notable lakes in District 4, such as Stephens Lake and Plum Orchard Lake.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous fishing experience, we’ll also cover kayak fishing on the Greenbrier River, where you can paddle downstream and target smallmouth bass, muskie, and walleye. Plus, we’ll reveal the convenience and potential of kayak fishing in WV State Park lakes for quick fishing trips.

So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, join us as we explore the diverse and rewarding world of kayak fishing in the beautiful state of West Virginia.

Top Kayak Fishing Spots in District 5

District 5 in West Virginia is home to some of the best kayak fishing spots in the state. One standout location for bass fishing is Upper Mud River Lake, located near Hamlin. This small lake is a hidden gem for anglers seeking an abundant bass population.

Upper Mud River Lake offers a diverse habitat for bass, with plenty of woody cover, aquatic vegetation, and weed beds. These features provide excellent hiding spots and forage for bass, making it an irresistible fishing ground for kayak anglers.

In addition to bass, Upper Mud River Lake also supports a good muskie fishery. Catch-and-release practices have helped build the bass population in this lake, ensuring a sustainable fishing experience for future anglers.

For kayak fishing enthusiasts in District 5, Upper Mud River Lake is a must-visit location to enjoy a thrilling bass fishing adventure.

Fishing Regulations in Upper Mud River Lake:

Species Regulations
Bass Catch-and-release only
Muskie Normal regulations apply

Prime Kayak Fishing Spots in District 2

If you’re looking for prime kayak fishing spots in West Virginia’s District 2, look no further than Sleepy Creek and South Mill Lake. These two standout fishing spots offer excellent opportunities for anglers, with largemouth bass being the main target species.

Sleepy Creek

Sleepy Creek, located in Berkeley County, is renowned for its outstanding largemouth bass habitat. The lake is dotted with large areas of standing timber, creating perfect conditions for bass to thrive. Anglers can navigate their kayaks through the timber-filled waters, casting their lines into the pockets and crevices for an exciting fishing experience.

South Mill Lake

In Grant County, South Mill Lake is another excellent destination for kayak fishing. Previously, the lake had a stunted bass population due to overfishing. However, a regulation change has led to significant improvements, resulting in an increase in the number of quality bass available. Anglers can now enjoy catching not only quantity but also sizeable bass at South Mill Lake.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

  • Use topwater lures during early morning and late evening hours when the bass are most active near the surface.
  • Try using plastic worms, jigs, or crankbaits to entice bites from largemouth bass.
  • Target areas with cover such as fallen trees, rocks, and aquatic vegetation as these are favorite hiding spots for bass.
  • Experiment with different retrieval techniques and lure colors to find what works best for the conditions and the bass’s preferences on any given day.
Sleepy Creek South Mill Lake
Location Berkeley County Grant County
Main Species Largemouth Bass Largemouth Bass
Features Standing timber Improved bass population
Tips Target the pockets and crevices among the timber. Use topwater lures during early morning and late evening hours. Focus on areas with cover and experiment with different retrieval techniques and lure colors.

When planning your kayak fishing adventure in West Virginia’s District 2, Sleepy Creek and South Mill Lake should be at the top of your list. These prime fishing spots offer abundant largemouth bass opportunities, giving anglers an unforgettable experience amidst the natural beauty of the state.

Notable Kayak Fishing Lakes in District 4

District 4 in West Virginia is home to several noteworthy lakes that provide excellent opportunities for kayak fishing enthusiasts. Two standout lakes in this region are Stephens Lake in Raleigh County and Plum Orchard Lake in Fayette County. These lakes offer unique characteristics and attract anglers with their abundant largemouth bass populations.

Plum Orchard Lake, located in Fayette County, is known for its diverse habitat that makes it an ideal location for largemouth bass fishing. The lake is surrounded by lily pads and weed beds, creating a perfect environment for bass to thrive. Anglers can also target crappie in these areas, adding to the variety of fishing opportunities.

Stephens Lake, situated in Raleigh County, offers a different fishing experience with its deeper waters. The lake stratifies down to approximately 18 feet, requiring anglers to adjust their fishing techniques based on water temperatures. Whether fishing shallow or deep, Stephens Lake provides ample opportunities to reel in some prized largemouth bass.

To get the most out of your kayak fishing experience in District 4, it is important to be familiar with the specific characteristics of each lake. Understanding the habitat, structure, and behavior of the fish species you are targeting will greatly increase your chances of success. Additionally, always ensure that you have the necessary equipment, including appropriate fishing gear, safety gear, and any required permits or licenses.

Take advantage of the outstanding kayak fishing lakes in District 4 and explore the beautiful landscapes that West Virginia has to offer. Whether you choose Plum Orchard Lake or Stephens Lake, you are guaranteed an exciting and rewarding fishing adventure.

Kayak Fishing on the Greenbrier River

The Greenbrier River is a prime destination for kayak fishing enthusiasts in West Virginia. With its serene beauty and diverse fish population, it offers an exceptional experience for those seeking small boat fishing adventures. The river, known for its crystal-clear waters, makes it easy to spot and target various fish species.

One of the main attractions for kayak anglers on the Greenbrier River is the abundance of smallmouth bass. These feisty fighters are known for their strength and acrobatics, providing thrilling battles for anglers of all skill levels. Additionally, the river is also home to muskie and walleye, offering additional opportunities for anglers to test their skills and target different species.

When exploring the Greenbrier River, it’s essential to navigate safely and be aware of any potential hazards. While it is generally passable with any type of small fishing boat, including kayaks, it is crucial to be mindful of the current and any obstacles that may be present. Always wear a personal flotation device and have the necessary safety equipment on board.

Kayak Fishing Tips on the Greenbrier River

  • Target smallmouth bass in rocky areas, near log jams or submerged structures.
  • Use topwater lures at dawn and dusk for explosive surface strikes.
  • Troll or cast inline spinners and crankbaits for muskie and walleye.
  • Experiment with different bait colors and sizes to find what the fish are biting on.
  • Consider hiring a local fishing guide for an expert’s knowledge of the river and its hidden hotspots.

With its idyllic scenery and excellent fishing opportunities, the Greenbrier River is a must-visit destination for kayak anglers in West Virginia. Whether you’re targeting smallmouth bass, muskie, or walleye, this beautiful river offers unforgettable experiences and the chance to catch trophy-worthy fish.

Enjoy Kayak Fishing in WV State Park Lakes

When it comes to kayak fishing in West Virginia, the state park lakes offer a fantastic opportunity for anglers looking for quick fishing trips. These lakes, although small and potentially crowded, can yield impressive catches, including trophy-sized bass. One of the advantages of kayak fishing in these lakes is the ability to focus on specific areas, such as the banks, brush piles, and weed beds, without having to navigate around larger watercraft.

WV State Park lakes provide a convenient and accessible option for kayak anglers who are short on time. With their close proximity to urban areas, you can easily squeeze in a few hours of fishing after work or on the weekends. Despite their small size, these lakes are often stocked with various fish species, providing plenty of action and excitement for anglers of all skill levels.

In addition to the convenience and potential for big catches, kayak fishing in WV State Park lakes allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. The tranquil surroundings, serene waters, and picturesque landscapes create a peaceful and relaxing environment for your fishing adventure. So, grab your kayak, fishing gear, and head out to one of the many state park lakes in West Virginia for an unforgettable kayak fishing experience.

Lake Name Location Main Fish Species Additional Information
Kanawha State Forest Lake Charleston, WV Bass, Bluegill Electric motors only
Blackwater Falls State Park Lake Davis, WV Trout, Bass, Bluegill Beautiful mountain scenery
Watoga State Park Lake Pocahontas County, WV Bass, Bluegill, Catfish Boat rentals available


Kayak fishing in West Virginia offers anglers a unique and rewarding fishing adventure in the beautiful outdoors. With its abundance of small lakes and rivers, the state provides plenty of opportunities for kayak fishing enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the thrill of catching bass and other fish species.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, West Virginia has a variety of kayak fishing spots to suit your preferences. From the bass-rich Upper Mud River Lake in District 5 to the largemouth bass havens of Sleepy Creek and South Mill Lake in District 2, there is something for everyone.

Don’t forget to follow safety guidelines and regulations, and always come prepared with the necessary equipment for a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. So, get ready to embark on your next fishing adventure and experience the beauty of West Virginia’s kayak fishing.

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