Kayak Dive Spots Puget Sound

Kayak Dive Spots Puget SoundPuget Sound offers some of the best kayak dive spots in Washington. With its diverse marine life and stunning underwater landscapes, it is a paradise for divers of all skill levels. From the beginner-friendly Metridium dive site to the more advanced Devil’s Boulder, there is something for everyone to explore beneath the surface. Let’s discover the top kayak dive spots in Puget Sound.

Metridium – Perfect for Beginning Divers and Veterans Alike

The Metridium dive site in Puget Sound is an excellent choice for both beginning divers and experienced veterans. Located in the heart of Puget Sound, this site offers a picturesque underwater environment with a diverse range of marine life.

As the name suggests, the Metridium dive site is known for its abundant metridium anemones. These vibrant creatures create a stunning backdrop as divers explore the underwater landscape. In addition to metridium anemones, divers can also encounter other fascinating species such as plumose anemones, nudibranchs, sea stars, and octopuses.

The natural rock formations at Metridium provide an interesting and dynamic diving experience. Divers can navigate through narrow crevices and swim alongside the rocky walls, observing the unique marine life that calls this site home. Whether you’re a beginner looking to gain more experience or a seasoned diver seeking a new adventure, the Metridium dive site in Puget Sound is sure to captivate and inspire.

Table: Marine Life Encountered at Metridium Dive Site

Species Description
Metridium Anemones Vibrant anemones that cover the underwater landscape
Plumose Anemones Soft, feathery anemones with a striking appearance
Nudibranchs Colorful and diverse species of sea slugs
Sea Stars Star-shaped creatures with a variety of vibrant colors
Octopuses Intelligent and elusive creatures with remarkable camouflage abilities

Leikers – Explore Boulder Patches and Marine Life

The Leikers dive site in Puget Sound is a must-visit for divers looking to explore stunning boulder patches and encounter a diverse array of marine life. This site offers a dynamic underwater environment with changing structures, from expansive boulder patches to small ridges. As you navigate through these rocky formations, you’ll be treated to a vibrant underwater landscape teeming with marine creatures.

When diving at Leikers, you can expect to come across an exciting variety of marine species. Keep an eye out for blennies, sea squirts, and nudibranchs hiding in the fissures and crannies of the boulders. The site is also known for its encounters with red octopuses and stubby squids, which are always a delight to witness in their natural habitat.

In addition to the fascinating marine life, Leikers dive site is perfect for underwater photography enthusiasts. The colorful backdrop of the boulder patches and the abundance of marine creatures provide excellent opportunities to capture breathtaking underwater shots. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a beginner looking to explore Puget Sound’s underwater wonders, Leikers offers an unforgettable diving experience.

Table: Marine Life at Leikers Dive Site

Marine Species Occurrences
Blennies Common
Sea Squirts Abundant
Nudibranchs Varied species
Red Octopuses Frequent sightings
Stubby Squids Occasional

Devil’s Boulder – Dive into an Underwater Playground

The Devil’s Boulder dive site in Puget Sound is a playground for advanced divers seeking an unforgettable underwater adventure. This site offers a diverse range of features that will captivate even the most experienced divers. The main attraction is a massive boulder aggregate, providing an intricate maze of crevices, caves, and tunnels to explore. These underwater structures serve as dens for fascinating creatures like octopuses, rockfish, lingcod, and even the elusive wolf eels. As you navigate through this underwater playground, you’ll also encounter vibrant plumose anemones and the majestic Pacific Giant Octopuses (GPOs).

Devil’s Boulder is an ideal dive site for those looking to challenge themselves and push their limits. The rocky ridges, walls, and small rock piles provide both a visually stunning backdrop and an exciting environment for advanced divers. The depths of the site cater to those with deep diving experience, while the complex structures invite underwater naturalists and digital underwater photographers to capture the beauty that lies beneath the surface.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Massive boulder aggregate with intricate crevices and tunnels
  • Dens for octopuses, rockfish, lingcod, and wolf eels
  • Vibrant plumose anemones and Pacific Giant Octopuses (GPOs)
  • Rocky ridges, walls, and small rock piles
  • Deep diving opportunities
  • Suitable for underwater naturalists and digital underwater photographers

When exploring Devil’s Boulder, advanced divers will be rewarded with an underwater experience unlike any other. The abundance of marine life, unique geological formations, and the thrill of diving into an underwater playground make this dive site a must-visit for those seeking an unforgettable adventure in Puget Sound.

Devil’s Boulder Dive Site
Depth Range 40 – 80 feet
Water Temperature 50 – 55°F (10 – 13°C)
Recommended Certification Level Advanced Open Water Diver or higher
Marine Life Octopuses, rockfish, lingcod, wolf eels, plumose anemones, Pacific Giant Octopuses (GPOs)
Specialties Deep diving, underwater naturalist, digital underwater photographer

The Boss – Dive Among Wrecks and Kelp

The Boss dive site in Puget Sound is a captivating location that offers divers the chance to explore wrecks and immerse themselves in the beauty of kelp forests. It is a popular spot for underwater photographers seeking unique and visually stunning subjects.

The main attraction at The Boss are two stacked wrecks, remnants of cabin cruisers that now serve as artificial reefs. Divers can navigate through the wreckage, examining the intricate details and encountering fascinating marine life that has made these structures their home.

One of the highlights of diving at The Boss is the vibrant kelp forests that surround the wrecks. The towering kelp provides shelter and a rich ecosystem for a wide variety of marine organisms. Divers will have the opportunity to observe kelp-dwelling species such as rockfish, lingcod, and various invertebrates.

Wrecks Kelp Forests Underwater Photography
Two stacked wrecks serve as artificial reefs Towering kelp provides shelter for marine organisms Perfect location for capturing unique underwater shots
Opportunities to explore intricate details of wreckage Divers can observe rockfish, lingcod, and invertebrates Visually stunning subjects in the vibrant kelp forests
Popular spot for wreck diving enthusiasts Kelp forests create a rich and diverse underwater ecosystem Photographing marine life in its natural habitat

Whether you are an experienced wreck diver or an underwater photography enthusiast, The Boss offers an unforgettable diving experience. By exploring the wrecks and capturing the beauty of the kelp forests, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the wonders that lie beneath the surface of Puget Sound.


Puget Sound is a haven for divers, with its unparalleled kayak dive spots offering a wealth of underwater wonders to explore. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned diver, there are dive sites perfectly suited to your skill level and interests in this breathtaking marine sanctuary.

From the enchanting beauty of the Metridium dive site to the captivating marine life found at Leikers, every kayak dive spot in Puget Sound has its own unique charm. Each site offers a chance to witness the vibrant marine ecosystem teeming with fascinating creatures such as octopuses, anemones, nudibranchs, wolf eels, and more.

The Boss dive site presents a special allure with its wrecks and kelp forests, providing an opportunity to delve into the intriguing world of wreck diving and capture mesmerizing underwater photographs. Whether it is exploring underwater boulder patches at Devil’s Boulder or marveling at the varied structures at Leikers, Puget Sound offers an unforgettable experience for every diver.

So, grab your kayak and dive into the beauty that lies beneath the surface of Puget Sound’s kayak dive spots. Embark on an adventure like no other, immersing yourself in the wonders of this mesmerizing underwater paradise. Discover why Puget Sound is a diver’s dream, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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