How to Select Best Fishing Reel

First you need to identify what kind of fish you want to catch. In the market, there has Different kind of fishing reels with different size ranges. The larger real apply for longer drag force. This will also base on where you going to do fishing. Reels which are the match to the river or lake not suitable for fishing at the ocean. And also you want to check this with your fishing rod.

Features Need to Consider for Best Fishing Reel

The base point you need to consider is how much drag you need to catch the fish. The Larger reel can catch larger and stronger fish on the water. Because it gives high drag force. So before you buy the reel first need to identify this with your requirement.

The smoothness of the reel depends on the internal bearing amount. So you need to check this when you buying the product.

Also, need to check real handle. Some reels had a single handle and some are having double. And their shapes are also different.

Retrieve Ratio has changed reel to reel. Rotor assembling and spin it around the spool for one complete handle run.

Line lay also considering factor when buying the best fishing reel. Flatter line lays was better in casting.

Basically, fishing reels are coming in two main types. Spinning reels & Baitcasting are the two types.

Spinning Reels:

This type of reels is easy to use. So if you are a beginner then this is the best fishing reel for you. Spinning reels are not used for catching large fish. Because there drags system was not good for most of the time. It’s reel cranking power is not good and harder. But now there has some best fishing reel comes under the spinning category.

Baitcasting Reels:

Baitcasting Reels are such a best fishing reel in the market. It has high-end drag system than the spinning reel. Some kind of Baitcasting reels has level wind feature. Most of this type of fishing reels are manufactured by using aluminum or stainless steel. And they fitted with anti-reverse handles. This was very suitable for catching the large fish.

Best Picks Fishing Reels:

KastKing Royale Legend Bait casting Fishing Reel – 

This product is one of the best fishing reel in the market. This has a perfect gear ratio dual braking system. This feels come with two colored products. With the dual brake system, you have much ability to control this while you are catching the fish.

Handles of the reel are made by the soft material cover and its comfortable for your hands.


– High Speed Retrieve ratio

– Cost is reasonable

– Lightweight

– Comfortable


– Gears on the reel some quicker

– A backlash occurred on operating.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Reel

This Best fishing reel is very smooth operating product and simple cast. And this is baitcasting type one. The biggest advantage is no backlash. This was easy to clean. This product was much smoother because of this was equipped with 7 bearings. So this will have increased the performance of the reel. The low weight of this product gives much easy operating on the fishing. And this has manufactured with high power disks system. Which will provide smooth drag.


– Made with high-quality materials

– Leverage limit is high

– Graphite use for getting heavy

– No backlash


– No reel snob there

 – Difficult to use for beginners

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

This is such a best fishing reel for catch any kind of fish. And this also suitable for saltwater fishing. This reel was much durable because of it made by metals. Easy to use and smooth retrieving (Drag). A handle of this reel is much soft and comfortable. This is really good for long time kayak fishing activity.


– Stainless product

– Simple gearing system

– Comfortability is high

– Easy to assembling and dissembling

– Heavy duty works

Cons :

– Need more care after using saltwater.

– Need lubricants time to time

Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Fishing Reel

This product was heavy built one and good for saltwater use and as well as fresh water use. This has come with the different range of models. This best fishing reel most suitable for catch the larger fish. Because this was much heavier product.5 stainless steel bearing valuable for long-term use and stainless. Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire also helps for the durability of the product. And this has sealed drag system.


– Good for catch heavy fish

– Suitable for saltwater

– No stains


– Drag may too high.


This product also best fishing reel in the market. This was heavier and durable. Aluminum spool makes heavy and light weight to the product. No backlashes occurred on the operations. In this reel had power roller & Propulsion Line Management System feature. This will help to catch the fish easily.


– High Durability

– Ease of use

– No backlashes


– Sometimes gets issue in fresh water

– Sticking issues happen


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