Great Kayak Spots in Western Mass.

Great Kayak Spots in Western MassWestern Massachusetts, also known as Western Mass, is a haven for paddling enthusiasts. With its abundance of stunning lakes and winding rivers, it offers the perfect setting for unforgettable paddling trips. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a novice looking to explore the beauty of Massachusetts, Western Mass has something to offer everyone.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the top kayak spots in Western Mass, where you can embark on paddling adventures surrounded by serene lakes and picturesque rivers. So grab your kayak and get ready to explore the natural wonders of this breathtaking region.

Experience the tranquility of paddling on serene lakes and navigate the meandering rivers as you immerse yourself in the beauty of Western Mass. Let’s dive into the best kayak spots this region has to offer.

Tully Lake – A Scenic Paddling Haven in Royalston

Tully Lake in Royalston, Massachusetts, is a true paddler’s paradise. With its stunning scenery and abundant recreational opportunities, it’s no wonder why this lake is a favorite among kayaking enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a beginner, Tully Lake offers an unforgettable experience.

Exploring Tully Lake

Tully Lake covers an impressive 1300 acres and features a variety of landscapes to explore. From its pine-covered islands to its pocket swimming beaches, there’s something for everyone. Paddlers have multiple launch points to choose from, allowing them to navigate the main lake or venture up the Tully River into Long Pond. Along the way, you’ll even encounter beautiful falls, adding to the scenic beauty of the area.

Additional Activities

Paddling is not the only activity Tully Lake has to offer. Fishing enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of fish species that call the lake home. Swimming is also a popular pastime, especially during the warmer months. So pack your fishing gear, bring your swimsuit, and get ready for a day of outdoor fun at Tully Lake.

Activities Highlights
Kayaking Exploring the picturesque lake and river
Swimming Enjoying a refreshing dip in the lake
Fishing Casting a line and catching a variety of fish species

Lake Wyola – A Peaceful Paddling Experience in Shutesbury

Located in the picturesque town of Shutesbury, Lake Wyola offers a peaceful and serene paddling experience amidst the natural beauty of Western Massachusetts. With its calm waters and diverse wildlife, it is a popular destination for canoeing, kayaking, and paddling enthusiasts.

One of the unique features of Lake Wyola is the contrast between its bustling north side and tranquil south side. While the north side attracts beachgoers and summer cottages, the south side offers a more secluded and undisturbed paddling experience. Launching from the end of Randall Road in Shutesbury, paddlers can explore the marshy areas and navigate through the scenic surroundings.

The wildlife at Lake Wyola is another highlight of the paddling experience. As you paddle through the marshy end, you may encounter a variety of aquatic birds, including the majestic Great Blue Herons. The lake is also home to turtles, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of the area. It’s a great opportunity to observe and appreciate the rich biodiversity that Western Massachusetts has to offer.

Named after its Native American word meaning “quiet waters,” Lake Wyola lives up to its name, providing a soothing and calming paddling experience. Whether you are seeking solitude or looking to immerse yourself in nature, Lake Wyola is the perfect destination for a peaceful day on the water.

Table: Wildlife at Lake Wyola

Species Presence
Great Blue Heron Commonly spotted
Turtles Abundant
Other Aquatic Birds Frequently seen

Aldrich Lake – A Secluded Paradise in Granby

For a more secluded paddling experience, Aldrich Lake in Granby is a hidden gem. Motorboats are prohibited, allowing paddlers to have the place to themselves. The tranquil atmosphere and serene surroundings make it an ideal spot to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One of the highlights of paddling on Aldrich Lake is the abundance of turtles that can be spotted along the way. These fascinating creatures can often be seen basking in the sun on logs or swimming gracefully through the water. Their presence adds a touch of wonder and beauty to the paddling experience.

Another interesting feature of Aldrich Lake is the beaver activity that can be observed. Paddlers may come across beaver lodges or evidence of recent beaver construction, such as gnawed tree stumps and dammed culverts. These signs of beaver habitation provide a glimpse into the natural ecosystem and the resourcefulness of these industrious creatures.

Table: Aldrich Lake Facts

Location Granby, Massachusetts
Size Approximately 50 acres
Wildlife Turtles, beavers, various bird species
Activities Paddling, wildlife observation
Regulations No motorized boats allowed

Exploring Aldrich Lake allows paddlers to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and enjoy a peaceful day on the water. With its secluded location and abundant wildlife, it is truly a paradise for those seeking a tranquil paddling experience.


Western Massachusetts is home to some of the best kayak spots in the region. From serene lakes to winding rivers, paddling enthusiasts can explore a variety of picturesque destinations. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a peaceful experience or an experienced paddler seeking adventure, Western Mass offers something for everyone.

Discover the beauty of Tully Lake in Royalston, a 1300-acre reservoir with stunning landscapes and pocket swimming beaches. With multiple launch points, you can explore the main lake or venture up the Tully River into Long Pond, where beautiful falls await. Fishing and swimming opportunities make Tully Lake a perfect destination for outdoor fun.

For a peaceful and undisturbed paddling experience, head to Lake Wyola in Shutesbury. Launch from the south side and explore the marshy areas, where you might spot Great Blue Herons and other aquatic birds. Lake Wyola lives up to its name, providing a tranquil escape from the busier north side.

For a secluded paradise, Aldrich Lake in Granby is a hidden gem. With no motorboats allowed, paddlers can enjoy the serene surroundings in peace. Spot an abundance of turtles and witness beaver activity as you navigate this beautiful lake. Explore both sides of Aldrich Lake, including a small waterfall and a mature white pine forest.

Western Massachusetts offers some of the best paddling destinations in the area. Whether you’re looking for serene lakes or winding rivers, these kayak spots will provide unforgettable experiences. Grab your paddle and immerse yourself in the beauty of Western Mass.

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