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When you are going to fishing by kayak you need some related tools and pieces of equipment. One of the most helpful and needed tool is the fish finder. While doing kayak fishing most important tool for both beginners and experts is fish finder

What is Fish Finder?

Especially beginner in kayak fishing has faced serious trouble. It is hard to find fish in their selected area. In some hard days, they cannot find any single fish. After that, they were returning to the home with nothing.
But now technology has developed in all the areas and it also adopted to the fishing. So you don’t worry about the un-availability about the fish. Because there is a technological solution for that. Yes, It’s Fish finder. This electronic device helps you to locate your fish.

How does This work?

Some are having an issue about working method of this device. Simply this device transmitting the waves to underwater. once they touch with the moving object it will reflect back to the device. This is the functionality of this fish finder. This best fish finder can calculate the depth of the moving object by using the time frame of waves transmitted and received back waves time.

Why Portable Fish Finder

By using best fishing kayak,most people are now engaging with fishing. So space is limited for this fishing kayaks and best portable fish finders are the best fit for them. These devices are easy to carry on. No need any specific or big place to store them. You can wear it by using the strap.

How to select Best portable fish finder

There are many kinds of fish finders in the market. If you are really interested to fishing then you need to be care about your best portable fish finder. So you need to care some few factors before buying them.

Portability of the Device:

By market analyses, we can identify not all the fish finders are small and hand held. Some are can be mounted to the fishing kayak and somewhere can connect with the Spinning rod. They have come down your convenience. If you are fishing in pond and lakes, the best fit fish finder is the portable fish finder. It is easy to handle and operate.


You are going to fishing on the water like lake or ocean, it is a larger area and some times you will move far beyond the land. When on these situation Global positioning system also calling as GPS is plus feature for your fish finder. And this will help you to find ground area with the distance to that destination.

Durability of the portable fish finder

Fishing is done at water surfaces. It can be lake, river, pond or ocean. So before you buy the best portable fish finder, you need to check whether that product is water resistance and anti-corrosion. Because you play this game on water. Especially on the salt water fishing, your device is able to get corrosion.

Power of the device:

For effective use of the portable fish, finder power is a mandatory requirement. Higher watts device is good for use and it has featured for fast reading and more depth coverage.

Display of the fish finder

This is the most important factor to consider while you are buying the device. Because the screen is the output method will identify the objects that you find. These are available as black& white and also color screen. Screen size depends on the model. The Larger screen provides a clear image of the result. And resolution also important for getting a better preview.


Frequency is most important factor for the better performance of the best portable fish finder. Fishing objects are finding by waves. If your fish finder device had higher frequency level, then it would be the ability to perform well. Most of the commonly used fish finders have 50 -200 kHz range frequencies. This factor also depends on the manufacturer and the model.

Fish Finder Type:

Fish finders are available in many varieties on the market. Some type of fish finders has GPS facility. You can save locations for future use. You can have added advantage with these type. If you are going to select standalone fish finder to detect and spot higher fish presence. Other than these two type there is networked system fish finders in the market. It has more functionality than another type. GPS, radio, Radar system, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth ability available with this type. This product type is much higher expenses.

Best Picks Portable fish finders

Garmin Striker 4

GS 4 Best portable fish finder has in built GPS facility. The display is good and it is 3.5 inches’ color. Easy to find fishing spots and places. And this fish finder allows you to water temperature and detailed under water map. CHIRP Sonar system sending out the ranges of frequencies and output the clear real time object find. Transmit power is 200w. This has convenient keypad option. And it was easy to use Also had built in the flasher.


CHIRP – sonar system

High sensitive GPS

Built in flasher

Compact design



Direct Sunlight causes issue in display

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Venterior Portable Fish Finder

If you are looking for cheap portable fish finder the Venterior Portable Fish Finder is a budget friendly device for use. This is the simple product but it is the best portable fish finder for kayak fishing activity. The display is black and white and it is the removable float. Green LED backlighting available and easy to use both day and night. This has five different levels of sensitivity settings and toggles a fish alarming. This device works well 1 meter of depth.

Pros :

Backlight for night fishing

Mount to fishing kayak or hang around neck

Flash alarm mode

Five different settings for saving the battery power


Not working on murky water

not working on the thick ice

no color display

Signstek FF-003 Portable fish finder

 This is high functionality fish finder for both beginners and expert. This best portable fish finder has 2.8 inches TFT Color Display. The frequency of this portable fish finder is 200/93 kHz. This best portable fish finder can read 240 feet depth. And also water temperature indicator available with this product. Multi language facility is another good feature of this device.


Easy to Carrying

Compact Design


Multi language support

Decent Battery life

Support for ice fishing


Sensitivity level may occur little issue at the beginning.


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