17 Foot Necky Elaho Touring Kayak With Rudder

The 17 Foot Necky Elaho Touring Kayak with Rudder is the ultimate open water adventure partner. Designed for both beginners and experienced paddlers, this versatile touring kayak offers exceptional tracking and control, ensuring a thrilling and reliable experience on the water.

With its rudder system, the Necky Elaho provides enhanced maneuverability, allowing you to navigate through various water conditions with ease. Whether you’re exploring lakes, calm rivers, or venturing into the open water, this kayak delivers top-notch performance that will satisfy your thirst for adventure.

User-Friendly Design and Performance

The Necky Elaho is known for its user-friendly design that combines ease of use with excellent performance. This poly boat offers exceptional tracking, allowing paddlers to maintain speed and stay on course with ease. It provides a stable and predictable ride, making it comfortable for multiple hours of paddling.

The Elaho’s roomy cockpit offers ample wiggle room and easy entry and exit, eliminating the need for a shoehorn. Additionally, it boasts plenty of storage space, making it an ideal choice for multi-night camping trips. The Elaho’s hard chines provide good initial and secondary stability, ensuring a secure feel on the water.

The Elaho’s user-friendly design and performance make it a reliable and enjoyable kayak for paddlers of all skill levels, whether they are beginners or experienced adventurers seeking an open water partner that delivers on both speed and stability.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional tracking for maintaining speed
  • Stable and predictable ride
  • Roomy cockpit for easy entry and exit
  • Ample storage space for extended trips
  • Good initial and secondary stability

With its focus on usability and performance, the Necky Elaho is a popular choice for kayakers who prioritize a user-friendly experience without compromising on speed, stability, and storage space.

Suitable for Different Paddlers

The Necky Elaho is a versatile kayak that can accommodate a range of paddlers. However, due to its size, it may not be suitable for smaller individuals who may find it challenging to handle comfortably. This kayak is not recommended for ocean surfing or paddling on narrow rivers, as it tends to get wave-driven quickly and may be difficult to control. However, it is well-suited for lakes, calm river conditions, and open water adventures.

With its generous weight capacity, the Necky Elaho can accommodate different body types and sizes, providing a comfortable experience for a variety of paddlers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, this kayak offers stability and predictability on the water, allowing you to enjoy your paddling experience to the fullest.

When considering the Necky Elaho, it’s important to assess your own body size and the type of paddling you plan to do. If you’re a larger individual looking for a kayak that can handle extended trips on calm waters, the Elaho could be a great choice. However, if you’re smaller in size or interested in more aggressive water activities, it may be worth exploring other options that better suit your needs.

Comparison of Necky Elaho with Other Kayaks

Kayak Model Suitable for Ocean Surfing Suitable for Whitewater Rivers Weight Capacity
Necky Elaho No No Up to 350 lbs
Kayak X Yes No Up to 250 lbs
Kayak Y No Yes Up to 300 lbs
Kayak Z No No Up to 400 lbs

Table: A comparison of the Necky Elaho with other kayaks based on suitability for ocean surfing, whitewater rivers, and weight capacity.

Fast and Agile Performance

One of the standout features of the Necky Elaho is its fast and agile performance on the water. Paddlers who have experienced this kayak have praised its speed and responsiveness, making it a thrilling choice for those seeking an exhilarating ride. With the ability to reach speeds of up to 6 mph with strong paddling effort, the Elaho delivers an efficient and exciting experience.

Not only does the Elaho excel in speed, but it also offers impressive agility. The kayak’s hard chines and well-defined limits provide excellent secondary stability, allowing paddlers to lean and carve turns with confidence. This level of responsiveness makes the Elaho a joy to paddle, whether you’re navigating calm lakes or exploring winding rivers.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the fast and agile performance of the Necky Elaho will elevate your kayaking adventures. Its speed and responsiveness combined with its stability and control make it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the water with confidence.

Table: Speed and Agility Comparison

Kayak Model Top Speed (mph) Agility Rating (1-10)
Necky Elaho 6 9
Competitor A 5 7
Competitor B 5.5 8

The table above showcases a comparison of the top speed and agility ratings of the Necky Elaho and two of its competitors. As you can see, the Elaho outperforms both competitors in terms of speed, reaching a top speed of 6 mph. In terms of agility, the Elaho receives a rating of 9 out of 10, indicating its exceptional maneuverability on the water.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

The Necky Elaho touring kayak is renowned for its exceptional performance on the water, but its construction is equally impressive. Despite its size, the Elaho manages to maintain a lightweight design, making it easier to transport and maneuver. This is thanks to its superlinear polyethylene hull, which strikes a perfect balance between weight and durability.

The Elaho’s polyethylene hull is specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of kayaking, ensuring long-lasting wear and tear resistance. Whether you’re paddling through rocky shores or navigating shallow waters, the Elaho’s hull is designed to withstand impact and abrasion, providing peace of mind for adventurous paddlers.

One of the standout features of the Necky Elaho is its molded-in graphics. Unlike traditional decals or stickers that can peel or fade over time, the Elaho’s graphics are molded directly into the hull. This ensures that they remain vibrant and intact, even after years of use in various weather conditions.

To summarize, the Necky Elaho’s lightweight yet durable construction sets it apart from other touring kayaks. Its superlinear polyethylene hull offers the perfect combination of weight savings and strength, while the molded-in graphics provide long-lasting visual appeal. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the Elaho’s construction guarantees a reliable and enjoyable kayaking experience.

Comfortable and Adjustable Cockpit

The Necky Elaho features a comfortable and adjustable cockpit that caters to paddlers of different sizes and preferences. The kayak is equipped with a ratchet-adjustable, padded backband that provides support and can be adjusted to fit the paddler’s desired level of comfort. The soft foam seat and adjustable thigh braces offer a customizable fit, ensuring that paddlers can find their ideal position for extended periods on the water. The snug and precise fitting cockpit allows for aggressive edging and rolls without sacrificing comfort during casual touring.

In addition to the padded backband, the Necky Elaho also features adjustable thigh braces. These braces help to provide stability and control, allowing paddlers to maintain a more secure and efficient paddling technique. The ability to adjust the thigh braces ensures that the kayak can be tailored to the individual paddler’s body shape and preference.

Custom Fit

The customizability of the Necky Elaho’s cockpit extends to its foot braces as well. The foot braces are adjustable, allowing paddlers to find their optimal foot position for added stability and power transfer. This customizable feature ensures that the kayak can accommodate a variety of leg lengths, maximizing comfort and control for each paddler.

Overall, the comfortable and adjustable cockpit of the Necky Elaho enhances the paddler’s experience, providing them with the ability to fine-tune their positioning and fit for optimal comfort and control on the water.


The Necky Elaho Touring Kayak with Rudder is a reliable and versatile choice for kayakers seeking an exceptional performance on open water. With its user-friendly design and impressive tracking capabilities, this kayak delivers a smooth and stable paddling experience.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, the Elaho offers speed, stability, and predictability, making it suitable for a wide range of skill levels. Its roomy cockpit and ample storage space make it ideal for extended multi-night camping trips, ensuring that you have everything you need within reach.

While the Elaho may not be suitable for smaller individuals or rough conditions, its overall performance and versatility make it a solid choice for calm to moderate water conditions. The addition of a rudder further enhances its maneuverability and control, allowing you to navigate with ease and confidence.

With its exceptional performance, durability, and comfortable cockpit, the Necky Elaho Touring Kayak with Rudder is a reliable and trusted companion for any open water adventure. Experience the thrill and versatility of this top-notch touring kayak and explore the wonders of the open water in style.

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